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What’s included in our Purchase Service?

Before signing the private contract, We …


• Complete a comprehensive Due Diligence, verify the property owner, plot size and shape, house description, validate any survey report.

• Control the utility services and find out any unpaid bill.

• Corroborate by certificate the absence of any planning and building infringements.

• We do not ask for a provision of funds: we set up your Spanish Bank account, and all your funds for the purchase will be handled directly through your account, so they are always under your control and pay the exact amounts for related taxes, Notary and Land Registry fees. We never take cash from your account.

• Help you out to get your NIE (Foreigners Identification Number).

• Prepare, when required, an appropriate PoA – Power of Attorney -, to represent you in case you could not assist on completion date at the Spanish Notary.


 Property Legal Research

During the purchase process, we…


• Take charge of write down an appropriate private purchase contract. If all the control and verification process is fine.

• This contract will be agreed with in first place, then submitted to the vendors or their advisers to get their approval.

• Organise the completion at the notary, preparing the deed following what was agreed in the private contract.

• We coordinate with the vendor every aspect of the conveyance.

• Request the vendor every document required to assure a purchase safely.

• Take responsibility to list for you a clear breakdown with full detail of the different banker’s draft required (vendors, agents,…) with exact figures.

• Assist you personally at the notary, and take care of everything. All you need to do is not to forget your passports and bring the checks.

• Register your title deed in the Land Registry.

• Prepare the official forms and make the payment of all linked taxes directly in your Bank account.

• If you make a mortgage, we check the terms offered by the bank and will assist you when signing the mortgage deed.

• We may suggest you our preferred banks, but we do not accept the reward from them.

• We procure for you the second occupancy permit, when not provided by the vendor, for a little fee.

• We indicate you different insurance companies for your home insurance, again without reward from third parties.



 Cheking list

Once conveyance is completed, we are always there to offer you …


• Personal support in your relations with everyone in relation with the enjoy of your property.

• Applying planning permissions for a building extension.

• Prepare direct debits of the utility companies (electricity, water, gas, internet provider,…) in your account, after passing them to your name.

• Register you in your Community of Owners or Resident’s Association of your building or urbanisation, when exists.

• Translation and interpretation of correspondence related to the property: letters from the town council, council taxes office, tax administration, your bank…



Property Sale Services


The diverse phases implicated in conveyancing a Spanish property could be confusing, but we can help you understand the whole process, feeling this way safe and secure.You can trust our all-inclusive conveyance services. We keep you permanently informed until the end of the process. Our custom-made service guarantees that selling your Spanish property is an entirely trustworthy process with assured success.


What can we do for you?




Once you find a buyer for your Spanish property, we …

• investigate for existing charges over your property, getting a bank certificate confirming the exact amount they will have to receive to cancel the mortgage on the completion day.

• If you never had one, we may apply for a new Habitation Certificate.

• Procure from the President and Secretary of your Owners Association a certificate of outstanding debts, that shall be shown at the notary.

• Drawing up the private contract, discussing conditions and warranties with buyers lawyer.

• If you can’t be in Spain for the completion, we can do all you need with a proper PoA.



During the sale process, we…


• Reunite both parties in our office for the signing of the contract once we reach a deal on the terms and conditions of the contract. This can be also organised as an exchange of contracts by email and post, under certain circumstances.

• We indicate to the purchaser how you want to get the price, detailing the figures of every banker’s draft.

• We will be by your side throughout the notary process.

• Coordinate both parties and organise the appointment at the notary, assuming the duty of preparing the minute of the conveyance deed. And organise the formal mortgage settlement, if any, before or simultaneously to the conveyance deed.

• If you can’t be present at completion, we will, following strict written instructions, sign the deed either in your name, using the PoA, and will pay into your Spanish bank account the Banker’s draft received from the buyer.

• Detailed translation of the deed’s content before signed in from of the notary.

• Close down every bank account, once all is done, using your PoA, so that you do not need to come back just for it.



Once Conveyance is completed, we…


• Handle payment of all taxes associated with the sale, such as local tax of capital gain on land, knows as “Plusvalia”, and the State Capital Gains.

• Will claim from the buyer the certification of the payment of the withheld sum of 3% of the price, and will claim its refund from the state, or the part of it that exceed the real capital gains you had.




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